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Certified Range Rover Collision Repair

Body Shop


Accidents are unpredictable and can happen to even the best drivers. If your Range Rover has been involved in one, choosing a Certified Range Rover Collision Repair body shop will make a huge difference. We will restore your vehicle to the condition it was in previously. Bring your Range Rover to  John's Collision Repair for the quality of repair mandated by Range Rover of America. We believe your car deserves the level of expertise necessary to restore it to original factory specifications, and nothing less.

Why We Use Genuine Range Rover Collision Parts, the Range Rover of America’s Certified Collision Center program, requires Genuine Range Rover Collision Parts. The proven fit and quality of these parts ensure that your Range Rover returns in like-new condition. Combining Original Equipment parts and a Certified Range Rover Collision Repair Center will guarantee the protective capabilities inherent to these beautiful vehicles. The replacement parts used to repair your vehicle do make a difference. Genuine Range Rover Collision Parts are identical to the ones installed in your car at the factory. This is not the case with aftermarket alternatives.

Genuine Range Rover Collision Parts will fit your vehicle correctly and are guaranteed to restore its original appearance. Non-certified Range Rover collision repair centers may source generic aftermarket parts that use different materials and manufacturing techniques. This cost-cutting maneuver could cause uneven or misaligned body lines, creases, gaps, faulty trims, etc.

The materials used to manufacture Genuine Range Rover Collision Parts have been extensively tested for durability. Tests of Genuine Range Rover Body Panels simulate real-world and rust-causing conditions to determine the types of protective layers that help prevent corrosion of sheet metal. Furthermore, testing of Genuine Range Rover Replacement Bumpers demonstrates better low-speed impact and concentrated-impact resistance than aftermarket alternatives.

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